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(Preview game NDS, Wii) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

This is based on the excellent Ring of Fates gameplay, where player had to gather four players to experience the spell-mixing co-operative adventure at its best, but Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is online across both platforms with action RPG team-based gameplay like Phantasy Star Online. You can hook them up in any combination – a DS and a Wii in one house, connected to a DS in a Wi-Fi hotspot somewhere else and another Wii on the other side of the world.

The fun will be in combining and synchronizing with other players. There is also a lot more customisation than in previous Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles titles and the promise of limitless post-completion dungeons to replay with your friends. And you won’t have to worry about missing out on features your friends are enjoying on differing systems: the graphics in the Wii and DS versions are almost identical. If you play on Wii you’ll even have the lower menu screen from the DS alongside the main playing area.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time
Published : Square Enix
Developed : Square Enix
Genre : Role Playing Multiplayer Online
Platform : NDS, Wii
Release date : March 24, 2009
Worth to wait : 90/100

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(Preview game X360) Chronicles of Riddick : Dark Athena

A new chapter in the Riddick chronicles from Atari is Assault on Dark Athena. Coming with definitely a previus game, with a brand-new story and multiplayer mode, as well a remade version of 2004's Escape from Butcher Bay as a bonus.

The new chapters will continues the story from Escape from Butcher Bay, with Riddick and the bounty hunter Johns in cryostasis, drifting through space. Their ship is eventually picked up by a pirate vessel (titular Dark Athena) and though Riddick manages to wake up in time, Johns' pod is infiltrated and he is taken prisoner. Hiding in the shadows, Riddick steals the captain's hairpin and is soon scouting the ship with nothing but the darkness and the hairpin as his weapons.

One of many new feature is, Riddick can now pick up dead bodies and manipulate them to fire. This is useful in a firefight. Atari also promises that Dark Athena will be much more focused on gunplay than Butcher Bay.

The visual game show excellent lighting and character modelling, particularly for main character, Vin Diesel's Riddick. So far we seen, the new chapter offers all of the elements that made the first game so amazing and enjoyable with new combat element.

Chronicles of Riddick : Dark Athena
Publisher : Atari
Developer : Starbreeze
Genere : FPS
Platform : Xbox 360
Release date : February, 2009
Worth to wait : 90/100

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(Preview game PS3) Killzone 2

Gameplay is similar to the original Killzone. Player will start out with basic weaponry including an assault rifle, grenades and a single-shot pistol. As campaign, player pick up various weapons from enemies have been died. These include the flamethrower, machine gun, bolt gun, and many more.

The clever artificial intelligence will make you think twice about charging into a room. Because opponents come from every possible angle. In taking enemies out in levels, can be also helped by hop into old and new vehicles from the Killzone universe. But the developer hasn't revealed the details.

A various modes will be available in multiplayer mode, with support for up to 32 players. Like a Standard deathmatch, Search and Retrieve, Capture the Flag, Assassination. Finally, the Warzone set-up allows the host of each match to change the match type in game, without having to go back to the lobby menu. And the battlefields will be features three tipe great-looking maps, is a small map, a medium map, and the largest map.

Killzone 2 will be officially hits stores on February 27, 2009. Fans of the original must be have it.

Killzone 2
Publisher : SCEA
Developer : Guerilla
Genre : First Person Shooter
Platform : Playstation 3
Release Date : February 27, 2009
Worth to wait : 90/100

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(Preview game Wii) Little King's Story

Player will role of a child king in the game, with a modest kingdom at your command. As you meet your people, explore, and perform quests from them, player will grow from strength to strength, along the way making a name for yourself in the history books.

In the game, player can build is a town square, for the price of 1,200,000 bol (the game's currency). Once it's built, a suggestion box allows citizens to give you new quests. You can build other structures, including guardhouses, to teach civilians to become soldiers, as well as train up other classes, including farmers and carpenters. Additionally, you can retrain any citizens if you find there are too many of one class.

When begin epic quest, player have dominion over only five citizens at a time. As your empire grows and becomes more successful, you'll earn more renown, and your population will grow. Each new hut you build can accommodate two new citizens. As citizens' heath levels drop, their appearance will visibly change--their skin will age, their hair will whiten, and they'll be stripped of some armour. In addition to these visual clues, costumes will indicate what class your citizens are, which makes it easier to see at a glance what state they're in.

there will be a minimap at the top of the screen shows a compass as well as resources, buildings, enemies, and other important items. Meanwhile, a separate window reveals an inventory and the status of your troops. A timer in the top left of the screen shows you what time of day it is, and unless you're on a current quest, your people will retreat to their homes at night.

Beside, player have to take over those territories through armed conflict. There are a boss battles, like a huge frog. The noxious amphibian spewed poison, sapping the health of some of yours troops. If you sucess defeat a boss, you'll gain the territory that it inhabited, expanding your dominion and also be able to earn money from prospecting for gold where you see cracks in the ground, or through digging up vegetables, cutting up woods, and more.

The visual of game look a cute, almost cel-shaded look, And upbeat soundtrack from Kingdom Hearts composer "Yoko Shimomura". This game looks to be a fun addition to the Wii lineup for Wii gamer. Currently has a March release date in Europe. So we just wait...

Little King's Story
Publisher : Xseed Games
Developer : Cing
Genre : Strategy
Platform : Nintendo Wii
Release date : May 2009
Worth to wait : 90/100

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(Preview game X360) Dark Void

Capcom's upcoming multiplatform is a "Dark Void". There's a lot of promise to be found in the game's mix of standard third-person action, flight, and vertical combat. In the game, player will start out guiding main character Will, the world's unluckiest cargo pilot, through a building interior that opens up onto an outdoor area.The gameplay has some very solid, though they could definitely use some tightening up and polishing, are blending well. Flight, a subject that the Airtight crew knows pretty well, feels especially good.

the action in this game also focused on the miniboss fight, Archon. The scorpion-like mech needed to be taken out methodically by targeting several weak spots. Once all hit, player had to guide Will onto the creature and engage in a minigame of death. The fatal (for the archon) game blended God of War-style button prompts along with analog stick waggling to take out the pilot, an advanced form of Watcher.

The controls an Xbox 360 controller, were serviceable but needed some tightening. The UFO controls made smart use of the dual analog sticks for 180-degree turns and fine turning. The visuals in the game is crisp resolution and high frame rate and the effects for weapon fire look good, There are some nice effects on hand for when you disintegrated enemies. So far we seen, Dark Void is definitely showing an encouraging amount of promise. Dark Void is hit the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 later this year.

Dark Void
Publisher : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Genre : Action
Platform : Xbox 360
Release date : TBA 2009
Worth to wait : 90/100

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